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Our attainment and prevention care


  • Prophylaxis for adults & children
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Fissure seals
  • Periodontal Therapy


  • modern plastic ceramic, amalgam and pure ceramic
  • Modern caries diagnostics: DIAGNODENT


Dental Prostheses

  • removable, tightly
  • also on implants in cooperation with regional specialists
  • manufactured in our own master laboratory

Jaw Joint Treatment

  • in collaboration with localnear physiotherapists, osteopaths and optionally neurologists and TMJ specialists


  • Bleaching
  • Veneers
  • Tooth reshaping, gap closure
  • individual full dentures, gumshield

We treat using a magnifying glass or microscope.

We look forward to your visit in our practice. We will answer your questions or wishes in advance. Please call us and make an appointment with us.

Dental Surgery
Dr. med. dent. Petra Koch

Gellerstr. 11
47057 Duisburg
Phone: 0203 - 35 37 76
Fax: 0203 - 35 37 79

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