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We see ourselves as a team in which continuous training, communication and improvement does garantee an upmost functionality for the care of our patients

Mrs. Dr. med. dent. Petra Koch

Within the scope of continuous advanced training:

  • 2019:  Curriculum aesthetic dentistry
  • 2015 - 2016: Curriculum geriatric dentistry
  • 2010 - 11: Curriculum periodontics of the Nordrhein Dental Association
  • 2007:  officialy registered main emphasis : Endodontia
  • 2006 – 07: Endodontia curriculum of the Nordrhein Dental Association

Doctorate, State examination
Studied dentistry in Düsseldorf
Training as a dental assistant
High-school diploma

Member of the Association of Certified German Endodontologists (VDZE)


Frau Kindermann
Reception in2022 back from maternity protection and child-care


Silke Thomsen, ZFA

Rita Naoum

Gina Hecker

Master of Dental Technique H,-G. Schott

Dental Technician V. Hellwig

Mrs. J. Thiemontz


Dental Surgery
Dr. med. dent. Petra Koch

Gellerstr. 11
47057 Duisburg
Phone: 0203 - 35 37 76
Fax: 0203 - 35 37 79

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